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"I have been working with  dogs for over 15 years, starting at kennels aged 13 where I developed an affinity with the “more difficult” dog.  I found my own style of handling and befriending them which was unheard of at the time in the island, where “traditional training methods” were more commonplace.


Since obtaining a professional qualification in behavioural training I have been working as a course assessor and tutor for the PDTI and running my own training school full time.


My training style is well known in the island as a purely positive and effective method for teaching dogs and handlers to build a successful relationship"







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About Fun 4 Dogs

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Head Trainer Islana McLaughlin-Bell IMDT,PPDTI

Qualified Experienced Pet Dog Training Instructor

Chris Bloomfield KCAI (CDA ObA)  MBIPDT Adv.PDTI Course Director.


I have known Islana McLaughlin-Bell for a number of years in her role of a Dog Training Instructor.


I have witnessed Islana’s dog training classes in Jersey and have had the privilege of assessing her pupils and their dogs for a Companion Dog Award.


The standard was extremely high which reflects the enthusiasm of her teaching and expertise.


Islana attended my residential Pet Dog Training Instructors Course in 2007 at Harper Adams College Newport Shropshire  gaining the Instructor Certificate (Merit).


She has also attended various other courses in Dog Training skills. Islana has attained excellent understanding of dog behaviour and management.

Tel : 07797 731 557    

Email: [email protected]

The first training school of its kind in Jersey, Fun 4 Dogs opened its doors in 2007. Offering  a range of classes and activities that encompass a purely positive ethos along with scientifically proven training methods, this winning combination has made Fun 4 Dogs a front runner in professional canine training in the Island.